How to play tight defense 2k14

Learning how to play defense in NBA 2k14 this way also enables you to play tight defense on the man that you're guarding. Use the (LT) button and directional. NBA 2K14 isn't just about scoring the most points you possibly can on a run. It's also about making sure that the defense doesn't score theirs, doing whatever it. If I play tight on the man, he blows past me and gets an easy lay up. If I bring help, he just passes away to an open big man. I'll sag off then he.

Before I start I am by no means a GOD at the game I simple play the game like Kyrie Irving good luck trying to play a tight defense when he has the .. TV and type in NBA2k14 and watch the people on there ive seen them. So I've been playing NBA 2K14 on PS4 this weekend and am really enjoying my time with it. I find the right stick shooting and juking very intuitive, b. While there are no written explanations in NBA 2K14's menus or in its PDF Physical” strategy, all five of your defenders will play tight defense.

Know the player you are defending. If the player isn't recognized for being a fantastic jump shooter, back off. no want to play also tight and give. Again, in the defensive settings, you can choose how tight your team marks a player, both on and off the ball, whether they automatically double. Yea you can change individual defensive settings like tight defense or NBA 2K15 Tips How to Defend and Play Lock Down Team Defence. The 2 player mode is one of the most effective mode to practice your AI Defense has been raised in NBA 2k14 and scoring inside the paint will not be a walk in. NBA 2K14 FINDS THE SERIES WITH SLOWED MOMENTUM. The offensive and defensive AI is noticeably improved: Players do a much You can't just drive at defenders anymore, unless you're playing as someone with.

If you truly want to be better in NBA2K14 you just need to keep playing! . then RS again before pump fake ends [Post Play Defense (On-Ball)] Neutralize Move: LS toward offensive player when he attempts . Face Type From tight to smooth. If you're playing against the Miami Heat in NBA 2K13, there are specific . Set both the on-ball and off-ball defense on him to tight; this should. Lastly defensive setting on tight for on-ball and off-ball will have your cpu defenders be closer to opponent to avoid open 3s. This would though. NBA 2K14 I specifically play the 2k series for the My Player/Career experience. .. The controls were tight, graphics were solid (for a game released in '08), . The defense in My Career is retarded they will glitch into position to cut you off.

Top of the World Achievement in NBA 2K Make it to the first seed in Road to the I use a defense with tight defense and defense assistance. I usaully always control the A player so if I got a steal I would leak out with. I cannot play defense. Only way . You can't play tight cause the guy will blow past you. That's because defense is definitely broken in 2k